Donald Trump Saga

From a messy toupee to a stylish suit and occasional ballcap to go with it,Donald Trump offers not much more than that.The polls which are not really accurate at all dictate he his a clear frontrunner yet he has no agenda other than off the wall ideas that make most of us bust out laughing.Once we get closer to the 2016 it will become more clear who really is the best candidate and those who just were a sideshow of entertainment like Donald Trump and Jeb Bush.On the Republican side I can see Marco Rubio,Cris Christie,Mike Huckabee and maybe Lindsey Graham emerging from the field and on the Democrat side Hillary will pass up Bernie Sanders who seems to have great ideas but maybe not a strong enough foothold to make it to being nominated.Now let me get back to Donald Trump in saying the only claim to fame he has are his failed casinos and Celebrity Apprentice appearances.I will close with don’t vote for Donald cause it is just throwing it away that is if he even gets to being nominated.